Unveiling Triage: Demo of Failure Management in Foretify Manager




Overwhelmed by the sheer number of failures during your V&V process? Do these failures slow down your development cycle and make it difficult to identify critical bugs?

Introducing Triage, a revolutionary new capability within Foretify Manager! This on-demand webinar dives deep into how Triage capabilities empower you to streamline triage, the process of analyzing and prioritizing these failures.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Triage helps you manage the avalanche of failures generated by hyperscale test automation in the V&V process.
  • The importance of triage in identifying and prioritizing critical bugs for faster resolution.
  • How to leverage Foretify Manager's guided automation and visualization tools to effectively cluster and categorize failures.
  • The key steps involved in the triage process include:
    • Analyzing issues: Delving into the root cause of failures.
    • Determining if they are bugs: Separating genuine defects from other issues.
    • Comparing them to other issues: Identifying patterns and recurring problems.
    • Assigning them for resolution: Routing bugs to the appropriate development team.
  • How to customize views, rules, and attributes within Foretify Manager to streamline your triage workflow and maximize efficiency.

Stop wasting time sifting through mountains of failures! Triage within Foretify Manager offers a powerful solution to conquer the chaos and ensure a smoother, more efficient V&V process.

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P.S. The webinar includes a dedicated section showcasing how customizable views, rules, and attributes can further enhance your triage efficiency. Don't miss it!

The Presenter


Bindesh Patel

Staff Product Manager 



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