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Taming Infinity with OpenSCENARIO 2.0

A practical guide from the experts

 December 1st, 2021 | 8:00 AM PT | 11:00 AM ET | 5:00 PM CET


Sharon Rosenberg 1
Sharon Rosenberg
Solution architect and chief methodologist at Foretellix




The ASAM OpenSCENARIO2.0 standard is about to be released in December. The much-anticipated standard enables a revolution in automation, ease of use, accuracy, productivity, and measurability. Numerous users and vendors have already announced their commitment to the upcoming standard.

In order to address the digital transformation challenges, Foretellix developed a language (M-SDL) and corresponding tech to significantly accelerate the verification and validation(V&V) process. Our powerful declarative language became the concept language for the upcoming ASAM OSC2.0 standard.

But what are the differences between the upcoming OpenSCENARIO 2.0 (OSC2.0) and other proprietary or standard languages? What is the big revolution of abstract scenarios vs. logical scenarios? What should I expect from OSC2.0 technology? How will adopting OSC2.0 technology improve productivity, resource consumption, time-to-deployment, and product quality?

We invite you to a technical webinar in which we are going to:

  • Review the key OSC2.0 terminology and concepts
  • Share pragmatic tips about methodology, flow and reuse
  • Recommend a practical adoption process, that allows leveraging your existing assets to gradually migrate to the OSC2.0 automated flow

As well as sharing our hands-on experience, the entire flow will be demonstrated on Foretellix’s Platform (Foretify).

Who should attend:

Managers, architects, functions owners, system engineers and testing engineers that feel that the current flows are insufficient, and wish to get an early glimpse of the future of automated V&V technology.

The Presenter:

Sharon Rosenberg, a solution architect and chief methodologist at Foretellix who assists users with ADAS development and testing. Sharon has hands-on experience deploying OSC2.0 technology. Sharon is also an active participant in ASAM, leading both the ‘Usage and pragmatic’, and ‘coverage and success criteria’ working groups.

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