Bridging Real-World Driving Data with Virtual Simulation

How to Use Scenario-Based Drive Log Analysis: A Practical Guide


Are you ready to harness the untapped potential of your drive log data? Join us for this webinar to discover how bridging real-world driving and virtual simulation can improve safety and efficiency in your ADAS and AV projects.

Each day, terabytes of drive log data accumulate from test-drive operations, standing by for analysis. This webinar addresses key challenges that remain unresolved by current drive log data collection and management solutions:

  • Measuring the coverage of Operational Design Domain (ODD) and identifying observed scenarios
  • Sifting efficiently through vast amounts of data to pinpoint overlooked failures and safety concerns
  • Deriving insights by analyzing the context of logged events, identifying patterns, and inferring root causes
  • Using SIL to attain intelligent scenario variations and optimization methods for extensive risk exploration and bug-fix validation
  • Guiding your iterative testing process using relevant data and real-world probabilities

In this technical workshop, we'll unveil the next-generation drive log analysis workflow. We'll explore how to transform aggregated data into actionable information, empowering you to extract more value from each kilometer driven and accelerate your development efforts.

Our new OpenSCENARIO 2.0 (OSC2) based workflow can seamlessly integrate into your existing toolchain and projects. Prior knowledge of OSC2 is not required.

This webinar is specially designed for development managers, test engineers, and validation managers aspiring to elevate their current workflows. If you're interested in the significant benefits of OSC2 and abstraction for real-world validation, this webinar will be both enlightening and rewarding.

The Presenters

Sharon Rosenberg 1

Sharon Rosenberg

Solution Architect & Chief Methodologist 


Yaron Kashai 



This webinar is tailored for development managers, test engineers, and validation managers who aspire to elevate their current workflows to new heights. No prior knowledge of OSC2 is required to adopt this approach. Those interested in the real-world validation implications of OSC2 and how abstraction fuels this disruptive flow will find this webinar both enlightening and refreshing.